Dakar 2023 digital launch: Dr Laure Tall calls for AI that is inclusive, responsible and capable of producing sustainable solutions

Organised on 12 and 13 September 2023 in Dakar by Gaindé 2000, the "Rentrée Numérique" aimed to provide public and private sector players and technical partners with an opportunity to discuss, formulate and mobilise around the major challenges of digital technology.

Dr Laure Tall, Director of Research at the IPAR, took part in this discussion on the theme of "Artificial intelligence, opportunities and threats to economies, businesses and society: what attitude to adopt". Taking part in the "AI and society" panel (How will AI shape our daily lives? When asked about the meaning of "better AI", Dr Tall said that better AI is "inclusive", "responsible" and "capable of producing sustainable solutions". She also stressed the importance of taking gender into account in order to use AI responsibly and reduce the gap between men and women in the digital world. Drawing on UN figures, which show that women account for 2/3 of the world's 796 million illiterates and 2.9 billion unconnected people, the majority of whom are women, Dr Tall argued that "this segment of the world's population should not be left behind". In the same vein, she believes that the inclusive and responsible use of AI would make it possible to bridge this gap and provide solutions to the various inequalities observed in different segments of society.

In her speech, the IPAR's Director of Research made a point of stressing the importance of data, because, in her view, the digital divide has consequences for the use of AI, which is perceived as being "data-hungry", most of which comes from elsewhere.

She also pointed out that education, particularly access to infrastructure, etc., promotes better access to this new technology. "Investing in AI education will enable it to be used more effectively in Africa," she said. In conclusion, she called for the challenges of investment to be tackled, based on the political will of decision-makers.

In addition to Dr Tall, the "AI and society" panel included Mr Abdallah Cissé, a digital expert, Dr Alex Louis Gabriel Corenthin, a teacher-researcher and computer scientist, Dr Isaac Sissokho, an expert in digital market regulation and telecommunications strategy and development, Professor Sylvain Landry Faye, Professor of Sociology and Health Anthropology, Mr Jérôme Riberio, Vice PCA of the EuropIA Institute, Mr Amadou Amath Ndiaye, founder of Oubii digital, Ms Aissatou Djiba Diallo, Senior Fintech Advisor at Ecobank Transnational, and Ms Aissatou Djiba Diallo, Senior Fintech Advisor at Ecobank Transnational. Jérôme Riberio vice PCA institut EuropIA; Mr Amadou Amath Ndiaye, founder Oubii digital; Mrs Aissatou Djiba Diallo, Senior fintech Advisor at Ecobank Transnational and Mr Talla Ndiaye Director of just Digital Transformation Program.

Themes such as "AI and Organisation" and "AI and the Economy" were also discussed during this digital event.

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