What is GRAIN's objective?

GRAIN stands for Gender and Responsible AI Network.
Gender and other factors of exclusion linked to the sub-Saharan African context are at the heart of our concerns. We act with an emphasis on intersectionality and a responsible policy on artificial intelligence.

By responsible, we mean equity in the use of data, the creation of algorithms, frameworks and policies for the practice of AI. Our network addresses the cross-cutting issues of AI and gender.

G*RAIN brings together organisations, universities and hubs based in sub-Saharan Africa that are either already active or interested in becoming active in the field of AI and/or gender inclusion.

Our aim is to learn, share, advocate and propose solutions to the cross-cutting issues of AI, gender equality and development. We establish a link between the development of artificial intelligence and gender equality. Our scope is sub-Saharan Africa, with medium-term work focused on gender and inclusion, and longer-term work on equality and gender.