Virtual launch of "Towards Afro-feminist AI"

Pollicy, an award-winning feminist civic technology collective from East Africa announces the virtual launch of its upcoming research titled "Towards Afro-feminist AI".

The online event will take place, on Wednesday, October 11, from 03 :30 pm local times (GMT +3) and aims to foster meaningful discussions around AI governance in Africa.

It's worth noting that Pollicy has been at the forefront of research and advocacy for data and technology as tools for social change. The collective has already explored topics such as data ownership and technological innovation in Africa.

The latest research project, "Towards Afro-feminist AI", includes a comprehensive handbook on AI governance in Africa and a reference document (VELAI), which draws on various examples highlighting the need for a new approach to AI on the continent.

This research aims to contribute to the AI4D-Africa program by focusing on gender considerations and feminist perspectives in the governance, design and use of AI.

Policy research proposes that Afro-feminism is a key guiding principle for understanding and governing AI in Africa.

On the menu for the virtual meeting : presentation of the latest research findings stimulating discussions on the intersection of AI, governance and feminism in Africa and networking and engagement with experts in the field.

As a reminder, Pollicy is a feminist collective of technologists, data scientists, creatives and academics working at the intersection of data, design and technology to create better life experiences by harnessing enhanced data.

Pollicy aims to influence a culture of responsible data use, promote appropriate data governance practices and advocate for policies that support a supportive data ecosystem.