How GRAIN network will achieve its goals?

GRAIN aims to create a new medium for collaboration and partnership among academia and institutions with an interest in AI and/or Gender issues. With the role that AI is playing in digital and economic development, a network that amplifies women’s voices at the local and regional levels identifies their challenges, and proffer pragmatic solutions for responsible AI use and adoption is critical.

Network members will have access to funding to produce research and collect data to understand barriers and biases women face in the AI sector. The network will also provide a supportive medium to share evidence-based solutions for advocacy.

GRAIN is setting out with a call for proposals from academics and organizations with this shared interest. We also provide an inclusive platform to share and disseminate your work and participate in local and regional discussions on the direction of AI and its implications for women’s empowerment.

To advance cross-continental collaboration, GRAIN also plans to introduce a French/English translation tool for topic-related research to facilitate exchanges between the research communities of Sub-Saharan Africa.


Interested in joining GRAIN as a member or partner?

Are you :

  • An African organization, hub or academic institution based in Sub-Saharan Africa that is already active in either AI or gender inclusion?
  • An African organization, hub, or academic institution based in Sub-Saharan Africa that is interested in both the topics of AI and gender inclusion?
  • A network, movement, or structure working on the topics of either gender inclusion or AI?

Contact us to learn more on how to become a member or partner of GRAIN. (Link to contact form